New Office atelier mearc

Architects| atelier mearc

Location| Shanghai

Architect in charge| Zhou Wei

Design team| Xu Xiwen, Wei Tiannan

Area| 103 sqm

Project Year| 2020

Photographer| Liang Shan

Lighting Consultant | Mischen Lighting Design

Energy Efficiency Consultant| Zhang Yinchun

MEP Consultant| Sanjiang MEP Consulting

Manufacturer| RHEINZINK, Rise, KOKUYO, DAIKEN, Armstrong, SilentGliss

It is about 10 minutes’ walk distance from Yongjia Road to Xiangyang South Road where it used to be Shanghai No. 4 Camera Factory. The block is quite private and not that eye-catching being downtown Shanghai. Entry facing to Xiangyang South Road, when glass door open automatically and entering into a compact lobby, passing by small service counter, it then takes just few steps to the elevator.


atelier mearc moved in here after spending 6 years in Yongjia Road office.



office entrance| 办公室入口处

In the new office of atelier mearc, a piece of integral ‘empty room’ is reserved that no furniture is loaded in, and in a sense of uncertainty, there is no specific function assigned.



titanium zinc plates layered ceiling of 'empty room'| “空的空间”顶部覆以层叠排列的钛锌板


in the 'empty room'|在“空的空间”里

The 'empty room' is the very center of the office, i.e. wherever you go whether meeting room, printing room, tearoom, model room or drawing room could pass through here.



curved wall of 'empty room'| 空间的曲线墙面


from model room to drawing room| 从模型间望向绘图间


entrance straightforward to drawing room| 门厅向绘图间的直达路线

The curved wall defines the space volume and boundary, thus creating a clear atmosphere of 'being in it' or 'being out of it'.



'empty room' under different illumination| 不同灯光下的“空的空间”

It is both a space now acquired and a 'future' prepared, and undefined functions brings more possibilities. Layered titanium zinc platesand soft light film together presenting sky-like transparency. At this moment, simply being here makes you feel relaxing and joyful.



entrance formed by cement steps and titanium zinc eaves| 水泥台阶和钛锌板“屋檐”构成的门厅

As for the whole office, the 'empty room' affects all the other necessary functions emerged in and is the most important element. Moreover, similar as the entrance which is also a little space the office contributes to the building. Functionally, the staircase resolves floor level difference. Visually, a more intense affection thatboth cement stairsteps and titanium zinc plates are constructed by hand at the site, meanwhile fitting the lights. Although seems that the entrance does not serve directly for the office inside, it responses to the foyer structure of the building accordingly.



daylight-flooded atrium| 办公楼的采光中庭

The renovation design of Shanghai No.4 Camera Factory was in charge of Mr. Kong Shaokai who worked as an architect in Taoho Design, and the construction was completed in 1995. Noticing the narrow patio between the original south and north building, and taking careful consideration of height level difference between the two separated buildings, a subtle solution of connecting them to form a lighting atrium was implemented. In this way outdoor was brought indoor. What's more, the red tilefaced wall retains outdoor air. On each floor, staircase works as a transit between the two buildings that looks like a foyer structure. This originates the idea of how the entrance of atelier mearc office responds to the building.



from passageway to drawing room| 楼面走廊望见办公室绘图间


from passageway to the office| 楼面走廊望见办公室

Here is a finely scheduled winding path to the office, which is more of a recreation of the young designers and the elders: stepping out of the elevator, going ahead a 53-meter walk, the office could be easy to see walking by the atrium, but not yet reach, feeling a mixture of outdoor atmosphere though walking indoor. The office islocated at the most furthest on the floor, it takes several turns to entrance.



meeting room| 会议间


model room| 模型间


drawing room| 绘图间

The office is set up according to passive house standardso that temperature and humidity are kept steady. Adequate measures have been taken as to ceiling, wall and floor to ensure energy efficiency of ample insulation and airtightness. A page of new and old, technique and materials, people and environment, time and space is unfolding.



from drawing room to entrance| 绘图间望向办公室入口


plan| 平面图


section| 剖面图