Vanke Yuhe Office Building · Long Table

Architects | atelier mearc

Location | Shanghai

Architect in Charge | Zhou Wei

Design Team | Xu Xiwen, Du Mili, Zhang Jun

Length | 35 m

Project Year | 2015

Photographer | Lu Haha

Cover Picture | Zhang Jun

Award | A'Design Award 2017 Bronze Winner, Street Furniture Design Category

This is an office park in shanghai, and its public square was surrounded by four buildings. To make people feel released and free when coming out of the buildings, an outdoor furniture was built inside the square. The whole place is like an outdoor lobby. In this case the public square in the middle matches up with outdoor while lobby corresponding indoor. It’s a blend. 



watercolor | Zhang Jun

The project is something art setting. The entire work is conducted under an architectural way but not necessarily lead to an answer so architectural.



model | 方案模型


flowing between trees and grass seen from one side of square | 从广场一端看长桌,在树与草地间流动


central square | 广场中部的长桌


wall becomes background, grass, tree and long table stand tall and upright | 建筑的墙面成为背景,草地、树与长桌静静矗立

The furniture holds a variety of behavior. People could work, rest, do group discussion. Based on the idea, long table was built. Long table is a quite unique item. In some villages, the custom of long table banquet remains still. People gather at a long table, eating and chatting, and it could last a few days or a week. In the scene, the setting of table and chairs is relatively fixed, but free combination of food, guests and human activities.



overlook view | 从三楼望向广场


overlook view | 从三楼望向广场

In this project, the width of long table equals to the diameter of the stool which is 360mm. And it just meets the needs of placing a laptop. When the table height changes, it is easy to find a place to sit comfortably. When standing, people could find a right height to lean on, enjoying coffee. It also could be a perfect outdoor place for a small workshop. Long table presents mildly winding with its up and downs. People gets indoor co-working experience in this outdoor square.



curving down as seat | 桌面高度渐渐下降,成为椅面


table height  to seat height | 桌面高度过渡到椅面高度


down to the ground | 桌面逐渐向地面靠近


terrazzo surface and mirror stainless steel sub face | 正面的水磨石与反面的镜面不锈钢


multiple height | 长桌丰富的高度变化


green grass reflected on sub face | 桌底反射出草地的绿色


winding and flowing | 蜿蜒流淌的长桌


crossing in trees | 在树与树之间穿越

Long table is made from common terrazzo. Especially combing with stainless steel, it guarantees practicality. And by touch of it, a sense of familiarity triggers because both material and the craft adopted is quite traditional. After Long table is set, trees join and they become part of the space. The greenery serves both as sunshade and gathering area for people.



trees and long table became whole | 树木加入长桌,成为空间的一部分


mirror stainless steel make it lighter and afloat | 镜面不锈钢的使用使桌子变得轻盈,有漂浮感

All the connection of plants, venue, and buildings are integrated by long table. And it also serves people for its physical function. Individuals finds his own location here. What’s more, individuals with their separated position links to integrity. Architecture and nature is treated with equivalent.



connection with site and building |“长桌”建立起植物与场地、建筑间的联系


landscape as table | “景观”同时为人所用,满足一般桌子的功能


plan | 平面图

Publication | 2016, 《新建筑》no.169

                    2017, 《风景园林》no.142