About | 方法

Founded in 2012, Shanghai. atelier mearc is committed to provide innovative and creative results in architecture, interior and installation field. atelier mearc focus on observing to find inner connection of human behavior and space. And then turn it into source of creation. atelier mearc actively explores the unique value of each project, encouraging early divergent research as well as adhering to local practice, accumulation and completion in the later construction period. atelier mearc dedicates to design, and also esteems the cooperation with professional consultants in various fields to ensure the viability of the project to be carried out both in economic and technical way.

米凹工作室 atelier mearc 2012年成立于上海。工作室致力在建筑、室内、装置等工作中提供具有探索精神与创造性的成果。工作室注重观察生活,挖掘行为与空间的深层联系,将其转化为创作源点;积极探索项目本身蕴含的独特价值;鼓励前期探索性的研究,也坚持后期对本土建造技术的实践;立足设计,也重视与专业的顾问合作,确保项目在经济与技术上的可行性。

atelier mearc has been established for 9 years. Various projects have been built and published in design magazines. Some won prestigious awards domestically and globally. In addition to the work accepted, competitions and exhibitions are also selectively taken part in annually. Zhou Wei, architect in charge, who has also obtained the Class 1 Registered Architect(PRC) and RIBA Chartered Membership is a visiting tutor at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.


Welcome to atelier mearc.


Projects | 项目

The Bund NEO| 外滩NEO


Church by the Lakeside | 张家港市基督教堂


Longshang Books Cafe | 陇上书店


Apartment 37 | 公寓37


Vanke·Long Table | 万科御河企业公馆·长桌


Positions | 职位


1. have great enthusiasm for design and construction

2. have a high sense of responsibility and team spirit

3. at least 2-year full-time architect experience, basic knowledge from concept design to construction

4. bachelor or above of Architecture / Environmental Arts

5. adequate skill of Auto CAD/ Sketch Up/ Adobe/ Office


1. 热爱工作,对设计和建造有极大的热情;

2. 工作严谨,有高度的责任心和团队精神;

3. 拥有2年及以上作为全职建筑师的良好的工作经验,具备从概念设计到施工建造的基本知识;

4. 建筑学/环境艺术本科以上学历;

5. 掌握 AutoCAD/Sketch Up/Adobe/Office 等软件。

Assistant Architect

1. have a high sense of responsibility and ability to work independently

2. outstanding recent graduates or at least 1-year relevant experience

3. bachelor or above of Architecture / Environmental Arts

4. adequate skill of Auto CAD/ Sketch Up/ Adobe/ Office

5. acquaint with hand model making


1. 工作严谨,有高度的责任心和独立工作的能力;

2. 优秀的应届毕业生或1年以上相关工作经验;

3. 建筑学/环境艺术本科以上学历;

4. 掌握 AutoCAD/Sketch Up/Adobe/Office 等软件;

5. 动手能力强,熟悉手工模型制作。

Intern (long-term open)

1. at least 3 months full-time internship

2. acquaint with hand model making

3. senior undergraduates or graduates of Architecture / Environmental Arts / Interior Design

4. adequate skill of Auto CAD/ Sketch Up/ Adobe/ Office

5. 2,000 yuan/month for Internship salary, excellent candidates may consider formal entry

实习生 (长期开放申请)

1. 全职实习期3个月或以上;

2. 动手能力强,熟悉手工模型制作;

3. 建筑学、环境艺术/室内设计在校高年级本科生或硕士研究生;

4. 掌握 AutoCAD/Sketch Up/Adobe/Office 等软件;

5. 实习薪贴2000/月,优秀者可考虑正式入职。

Application | 申请

1. resume and portfolio should be send to contact@ateliermearc.com, starting date and salary requirement should be specified

2. email headline with ‘name + position’, filed in pdf within 20M

3. resume: personal information, study/working experience, self-introduction and contact information

4. portfolio: student work, independent drawings, other as paintings, photographs, videos etc

5. internship should clarify starting and finish dates

6. only qualified applicants will be replied

7. requires please contact via email

1. 请发送个人简历和作品至 contact@ateliermearc.com,并于邮件正文注明薪金要求及起始工作日期;

2. 邮件标题请注明“姓名+申请职位”,内容以pdf 格式呈现,单个文件不超过20M

3. 简历:需包含个人信息、学习及工作经历、自我介绍、联系方式;

4. 作品:需包含学生时期的作品,需包含独立绘制的图纸,推荐包含绘画、摄影、视频等艺术作品;

5. 实习申请需在邮件正文中注明实习起止日期;

6. 仅回复申请材料符合上述要求并经甄选后具有面试资格的应聘邮件;

7. 如有疑问,亦请通过电子邮件方式问询。