Garden of Cultivation

Architects | atelier mearc

Location | Beijing

Architect in Charge | Zhou Wei

Design Team | Xu Xiwen,Dai Chenjun,Yang Shuyu

Area | 750 sqm

Project Year | 2015

This design is for 1+1 Showroom Interior Design Competition held by M O R P H | Creative Consultancy.

这是米凹工作室为M O R P H | Creative Consultancy举办的“1+1 Showroom Interior Design Competition”所做的概念设计。

This international competition aim to reform a gallery to a popular art venue. The gallery space needs special change. The design retains its original function as a gallery but also integrates multipal functions such as business meeting, resting, cocktail party, lecture and ceremony.   



model | 模型

1+1 Showroom is located in old town of Dongcheng District, Beijing. Going through detailed analysis of its current space structure and surroundings, we came up with a conception that an open modern contemporary art pavilion in an historical street will holdover its lasting appeal but also show modern art exhibiting, spreading and inspiriting. We use the traditional characteristics of garden touring path to organize irregular plane graph, thereby separating the spaces as‘courtyard’, ‘door’, ‘room’, ‘pavilion’, ‘booth’, ‘gallery’, ‘hall’ and so on. 


From the entrance outside, the audience has already started their way of an entire art experience. In the hallway they could choose from the curving main axis to tour different showrooms or the continuous walls to see various contents.  



model | 模型

On the main axis, the audience will follow boutique show area and introduction area, then there is jewels and art ware showcase, sculpture show floor, multi-function show floor and furniture show stand, at last reaches main art center. On the other hand, along the wall, the audience will not only enjoy the calligraphy and painting, but also tour the book exhibition and private collection, at last the meeting and rest area where business planes and ideas could be discussed. Both touring line is featured and interesting. They could be flexibly chosen by the audience and could be encountered in some areas. The main axis and the exhibition wall extend outside which become an important label that it is open to the city public. 



model | 模型